Keeping The Boat In Proper Condition

Owning a boat can be a way to enjoy time on the lake on the weekends with family and friends. You can spend time alone fishing or reading a book, getting away from some of the stressful events of life. There are discount marine parts that can be purchased in order to maintain the operation of your boat, such as oil filters, batteries and propellers that might become eroded with rust. You can follow a few simple maintenance tips so that you have a pleasant environment while on a lake or the ocean. These are tips that can help to keep the boat operating and to keep it as clean as possible.

Even though the boat is in the water, it still needs to be washed on a regular basis. You want to remove any salt that has collected on the bottom and sides as this can eat at the paint and the metal. Fresh water and a small amount of soap should be used when cleaning. A long-handled brush is ideal as this can reach areas where you might not be able to get to that are on the bottom of the boat.

As with other vehicles, you need to keep the oil in the boat changed. Low oil can cause issues with the motor. An inboard and a stern drive boat require frequent oil changes as these have more strain on the motor. With the right tools, it’s easy to change the oil as everything is in one place. If you can’t reach the area to change the oil yourself, you need to take it to the dealer.

Examine the propellers and the fasteners. If these become corroded, then they can cause areas of the boat to become disabled until they are fixed. Some boats can possibly get by with only one propeller if there are two, but if both are damaged, then you can’t really get anywhere in the water. An anchor is another item that needs to be on the boat so that you can leave the vehicle in one place while you are in the water.

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My Hollywood Walk of Fame


Dream come true! We only see this on TV but last November we actually walked where celebrities walk , dined where most famous stars!! We have been to the most iconic landmarks of the city of Los Angeles – the HOLLYWOOD walk of Fame!!

The Hollywood of Fame being more than a tribute to the legends of Hollywood chronicles the meteoric rise of America’s film industry from the days of silent cinema to the present billion dollar blockbusters. The “sidewalk” stars salute actors, singers, directors, songwriters and other well known show biz personalities. Even Bugs Bunny , Micky Mouse and Snoopy has his own star!

Below the star, one can usually see a small emblem that signifies whether the star was an actor, a singer or a director etc. Usually a motion picture camera signifies a contribution to the film industry, a television set denotes the television industry, a phonograph record stands for the music industry, a microphone for the radio broadcast industry and the twin comedy masks stand for theater.

There are many other attractions on these blocks besides the stars. We saw a lot of  Comic Characters  like IronMan,  a Harlem  basketball Player, musicians in  soul food pedal   and of course Michael Jackson look-alike.

iron man

If you go on a sightseeing tour to Hollywood and the surrounding area, you may find like we did on our  trip. We have been there Two hours and  it was not enough  to allow  everything that we wanted to do. The other area attractions include: The Kodak Theatre, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Museum, Hollywood Wax Museum, and Roosevelt Hotel.

hollywood 2



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Are you waiting for the firecrackers to announce the New Year?


Well, the New Year is here with a big bang. You may celebrate with firecracker shows and other ways every year, but the joy on each new year festivity is new . The type of such festivity may differ from place to place. New Year Events like those in London, New York , Hong Kong are rated among the top events held for this occasion.

The most common of course is that at the stroke of the midnight, firecrackers will announce the birth of a fresh New Year to the world. Events are an important part of the celebrations. The shows are held on this day and may also take place all through the month. Events such as, musical concerts, dance shows, sports shows, DJ Nights, beach and parades and cruise parties are some of the common ones to be held in some of the major cities of US, UK , Asia and other nations.

Well, in our part of the globe , we will be welcoming 2016 with a family reunion ! Rejoicing the coming of a new year with a simple family dinner and a movie marathon later. We planned to have a dance session but failed to get a good vibes from online dj store , so we opted to be still and watch movies.

How about you ? How will you spend your new year ?

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Casio Celviano at home!

Church services has never been so vibrant with different medium for sound of praise mixed with a song for a message. Don’t get me wrong, I’m one for an energetic singing at church but getting back into that sound that seems to open the heavens wouldn’t be bad throwback. Im talking about getting back into that old black and white key instrument. Its never a demotion to sit back and hear the wind bring you that tune from old hymns. And what would get us their better than to hear it from  casio celviano Its one of those classic tunes with a modern tones. Mom got one last month … Want to hear me play? Visit me at home!

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Choosing Your Next Vacation Destination

The world is a big place, so why settle for going to the same place year after year on vacation? You can enjoy spending your time at new and exciting destinations. You can stay at places like Bluegreen Resorts. When you stay at reputable resorts, your vacation experience can be enhanced greatly.

Think About Your Group
If you are planning out a vacation destination, be sure to think about everyone that you are going to be traveling with. If you are bringing along children, you want to stay somewhere with kid-friendly options. If you bringing along seniors, safety and comfort will be a priority. If you are traveling as a couple or with friends, choose a place that will have all of the amenities that you could want. Of course, solo travelers can pick out a destination that revolves around their own personal interests and needs.

You want your trip to meet your expectations, so be sure to plan ahead. Decide if you want to have a relaxing trip or an adventure, then plan accordingly. If relaxation is your goal, be sure to stay at a hotel that will help you to feel pampered. Find a resort that has a spa, fitness center, and maybe even an upscale restaurant on the premises. If you can imagine yourself sitting by the pool all day, make sure that there is one available for your pleasure. If adventure is more of your goal, stay in a resort that is located near fun attractions so that you can explore during the day and night.

There are all sorts of available vacation destinations. If you are a beach lover, you can find hotels right near the ocean’s shore. If the mountains interest you, you can find a cozy resort that will offer you an amazing view and comfortable atmosphere. There are many beautiful sights around the world, so be sure to think about what you have always wanted to see when planning out your next trip.

You should be sure to pick out a destination that is going to be within your budget. Many people are joining vacation clubs and buying points that will allow them to travel around the world. You want to make sure that you add your hotel costs, traveling expenses, and food costs into your budget along with any money that you will need for visiting local attractions or for shopping.

When you think about all of your options upfront, you can be sure that your vacation is going to be everything that you want it to be. Plan out your days or choose a resort that you can just relax in and not be bothered by schedules. Your next vacation can always be your best vacation yet.

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