Google’s New Algorithm

Wondered why     the sudden downgrade of your site’s page rank? A friend left a comment at our FB group regarding Google’s  recent change of algorithm . According to her Mr. G is now particular in raking page according to well-researched and helpful articles. He preferred longer relevant contents like 500 words. If that is the case , bloggers needs to work harder for search opitmization… how about trying seo atlanta and other SEO machineries? I guess, now is the time to pursue my desire to enrol  for SEO Course. A local IT college in our city is offering the training at a cheaper price with a flexible schedule. So now, It is the time to expand my knowledge on Search Engine Optimization. What do you think of this course? How about the new Google’s  Algorithm?

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  1. Lisa says:

    You pursue it sis – SEO course. Aside from the knowledge you’ll gain from it, pwede mo ring pagkakitaan like accepting jobs in SEO. Daghan baya nangita ug magbayad para i-optimize ang ilang blog.

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