House Mortgage and Bankruptcy

Thank God we finally got the House and Lot Certificate of Title of our Housing Unit . For almost a year we have been negotiating with the agency regarding the full payment of our house. Our Subdivision which was under the government through the National Housing Authority was turned over to private financial institution 5 years ago. Early this year, we availed of their amnesty program offering 60 % discount of the principal mortgage amount and paid in cash the full amount of our housing unit. Today, the unit was awarded to us and we received the Certificate of Title. We can not help but Praise and Thank God , finally we can have a house and lot we can call our own.

Back at the office this morning, people were lining up to transact business . Some were in distress because of foreclosure and house ejection. I overheard one person who begged for time extension citing the bankruptcy of their business as reason for his appeal. Hearing his explanation reminds me of cary bankruptcy lawyers . How I wish the lawyer’ services are available here in our city. They would be of great help to the person. I hope the Housing Institution could extend favour to him considering his financial condition.

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