Housing for a booming city

We have been planning for this a year ago. My mother-in-law told us that we could start a rent-a-house business.  I  got this idea like the Houses for rent in Calgary.  We have a 500 square meter lot located at the heart of the city and near from big establishments. We could offer a practical and affordable house rent to these workers.  We could even cater for transient visitors.

Our city is blooming and many investors are coming in. In fact our city was awarded as the biggest investment growth for the past 3 years in a row. Hotels, restaurants, malls and high rise office buildings are growing in numbers. Even high class and low cost housing units are sprouting too. Every weekend, local and foreign tourists flock our place for just one purpose – the adrenaline rush of adventure. Our city is the adventure capital of Philippines and thousands visit us weekly and that’s why small scale hotels are booming too. That’s the idea my mother-in-law suggested to us, a rent-a-house business.

Not only tourists are flocking our city but contract workers from other places working in different establishments. I think  house -for-rent  or an apartment  would be a good business investment for us. We can also help others who are making a decent living here in our place and needs a good location to live.

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