How to make your site SEO friendly

I attended a blogger’s training last Saturday and I learned a lot of things about Google Adsense and Goodle Adwords.  Meetings like this should not be missed by a newbie blogger like me. There is even free help, like SEO articles at Article Writing It’s a great time to meet  your fellow bloggers but most of all it’s a perfect time to   ask questions and clear your mind from the cobwebs of blogging.

Thanks to my seat mate , who’s a well known local webhosting provider . She shared to me some tips how to make my site SEO friendly. First, I must unload my homepage with unnecessary widgets  like badges , emoticons  and other images.I must create another page for this purpose.  Second, I must choose a template which   is easy to manage  and must  be compatible with your  blog platform. Third, you must choose a domain name which is popular and goes with the trend.  Fourth, I should limit the post of my homepage to 5 post only. Another view will count if readers will click my next page… that means additional  views and traffic to my site.

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