Planning a vacation after Typhoon Sendong

It’s been more than a week since Typhoon Sendong hit our city and I can’t argue that I’ve been looking forward to a day or two to unwind. The series events left me shaken but no doubt I would be able to overcome this. Even a short vacation would probably do the job. All the commotion around the city has really kept me from communing with nature, as I have periodically done in the past. A biking trip or a camping with the family would be grand. If only time would allow it. I’ve been so busy these past couple of days that I as much as yearn to lie down on an outdoor bench—listen to the birds singing, smell the sweet aroma in the air, feel the cool, moist breeze in my face (You see, I’m planning to use the Philippine climate to my advantage here). Taking matters into my own hands, I am going to plan this trip! I am ninety-nine, if not a hundred, percent sure that loosening up a bit wouldn’t hurt anyone—especially my family. It would very much help them overcome the trauma (not to mention stress) that ensnared us these past few days. It doesn’t even matter where I am (yes, even benches indoor ) if it’s featured the same. If only something is as vivid is made available in the wide market today. A forest in the comfort of home? Who wouldn’t buy it? But I fear even the most advanced technology wouldn’t cut it. Replicating the natural world is certainly a task of no small proportions. Considering the Maker of Heaven and Giver of life made land even before us. I sometimes think the environment has a mind of its own, maybe that’s where they got the tagline “Let nature take its course”.

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