To Greener Pastures

In the last couple of years, we’ve had our living room couch and bed cradle us in comfort. But now that they’ve ceased cradling us because of the unfortunate event that loomed over us these past few weeks, I think it’s finally time to move on. To greener pastures, one might say. Or in our case, whiter ones. Especially now when the family’s spearheads (that’s me and my husband) are planning that a house be constructed before long. It really takes a lot of me to pick out new home equipment, especially when thoughts about our previous ones keep popping up. But even so, I’m almost done with the bedroom furniture. This would be easier if my hands weren’t this full, but thanks be to God that they are or else I would most likely reminisce of the material things we’ve lost to the renamed typhoon Washi. On a much higher note though, I know God will provide everything we need for the new house. May His love and grace fill it, like He did in the old.

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