Diamond Ring for a Silver Wedding Anniversary?

Wow! black diamond engagement rings! That would be amazing! I really wonder if my hubby would consider buying me one of these during our Silver wedding anniversary. Yeah, it would still be nine years from today but it is not bad to dream for it now, right? Our kids are grown up already and we just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary last March. Our son is now in his last year in high school and next year he will be in college. Time surely flies fast. Our daughter will finish her elementary this year and she will be in high school next year!

I’m beginning to be a mellow dramatic here. I still remember the time my hubby gave me our engagement ring. That moment was enchanting and I love thinking about it. Again, the idea of my husband giving me a diamond ring on our silver wedding anniversary is not all impossible! I’ll dream for it and pray for it too!

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