Teenager died after spending 48 hours in the computer!

Aside from the “Dark Night Rises “ Tragedy in Aurora,Colorado, USA, another news last night shocked everyone of us in the living room. It’s about a teenager who was found dead after playing online games for 48 hours! Whew! We were stunned by the news! This can be true? Are just being sensationalized?

Anyway, the reason of the young boy’s death is yet to be investigated but I guess this can be true. As a blogger I am aware that spending hours at a computer each day, our hands are at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome. This issue occurs when one stay in the same position for several hours at a time, eventually resulting in intense pain in our wrists and hands. I once stumbled a site (www.OSC-Ortho.com) which explains more about this sickness. This is not a fatal case but the site explained that one could lose the ability of moving all his fingers if they ignore the problem. What are some tips to avoid Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Most practical thing to do is get up to stretch every now and then. Add some hand exercises everyday. If you roll your neck to get blood flowing, you can do the same for your hands.

If you wish to know more about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , visit the site and learn more from Dr Boyd Haynes.

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