Hongkong or Singapore ?

Our Singapore vacation two years ago was a spectacular one. Four days were not enough to see all the excellent tourists’ attractions. Our friend who escorted us and helped us find a decent hotel to stay told us that we should be back there with the kids and spend a week of vacation. Our son will be graduation from high school and her younger sister too will graduate from elementary. What could be the best gift we could give them?

When we ask them, our kids could not contain the excitement as they both jumped and shouted, “Singapore or Hongkong !”. Well, I think that we will booked in advance and avail airlines promotions as early as now. The  www.dialaflight.com is one site I considered visiting. Going for a vacation with enough money reserves could be relaxing. We wouldn’t want to be caught empty handed with the kids. We planned to spend a whole day or two at the Universal Studios and the Night Safari if we will be going to Singapore. Three days in Hongkong and two days in Macau would be our itinerary if we will decide to choose a Hongkong vacation. Whether Singapore or Hongkong, I believe that this would be a vacation that the kids would remember the rest of their lives. And they deserve this too!


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