Are you waiting for the firecrackers to announce the New Year?


Well, the New Year is here with a big bang. You may celebrate with firecracker shows and other ways every year, but the joy on each new year festivity is new . The type of such festivity may differ from place to place. New Year Events like those in London, New York , Hong Kong are rated among the top events held for this occasion.

The most common of course is that at the stroke of the midnight, firecrackers will announce the birth of a fresh New Year to the world. Events are an important part of the celebrations. The shows are held on this day and may also take place all through the month. Events such as, musical concerts, dance shows, sports shows, DJ Nights, beach and parades and cruise parties are some of the common ones to be held in some of the major cities of US, UK , Asia and other nations.

Well, in our part of the globe , we will be welcoming 2016 with a family reunion ! Rejoicing the coming of a new year with a simple family dinner and a movie marathon later. We planned to have a dance session but failed to get a good vibes from online dj store , so we opted to be still and watch movies.

How about you ? How will you spend your new year ?

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