The Biggest Real Estate Convention in 2016

Everything is ready for  the Biggest Real Estate Convention in the Philippines which will be on October 23 – 26,2016 to be held at  L’Fisher Hotel and Convention Center in Bacolod.It is the  Philippines  biggest assembly of successful real estate practitioners  of  Leuterio Realty, a firm that has played a pivotal role in the growth of homegrown real estate projects which caught many big and formidable names in property development by surprise.

Leuterio Realty gained prominence in the real estate circle not only as the most prolific realty firm in the country in terms of the number of affiliate brokers and agents under it, but also in terms of sales volume delivered to developers in the last five years of active marketing. And yes, five years in the making, this realty has already made its decisive presence in 18 cities with a membership of over 10,000 and counting. What distinguishes it from other realty firms is, it is the one and only realty outside the United States, that sends the most number of delegates every year since 2013, to the world’s most prestigious and elite assembly of realtors – the National Association of Realtors Convention which is held yearly in the United States.

The convention is very timely with the BAcolod’s Masakara Festival. I am sure the street dancing would be an amazing one. I am also excited to see musical instruments like woodwinds and brass made of Filipino products. Whew! I am so excited already! Praying for a good weather too!


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