Save more money for 2017 !!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time for New Year’s Resolutions. Among the favorites for most people are resolutions for improving their Health and Wealth. But how about the wish to save more money? Me and my hubby saw the need to establish an emergency fund a college savings fund for my son who will be pursuing his medical course. We also cascaded this goal to our kids by compelling them to save at least 30% of their weekly allowance and put them on their piggy banks. My son added another 10% for his desire to buy a new guitar by the middle of the year. He was inspired to do it when she went to the guitar store last week. He was eyeing for a Gibson Guitar as a graduation gift for himself. My daughter aimed for a new gadget, maybe and Iphone 7 plus. We don’t spoil our kids with luxury items. We told them, not everything is free. You should worked for it, if you wish to have it! So cost cut and save a lot!!

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