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Sleep Apnea can be cured by playing woodwind instrument

I have been suffering from Insomnia  for the  passed months  and according to my  physician,   my sleepless nights are   part of my per-menopausal syndrome.   As I was searching about   natural remedies  to   sleep normally, I came an article about  sleep … Continue reading

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Reading music stores reviews

The last time I visited a music store was this week due to the replacements of microphone parts in our church, the need to buy new sets of strings for our Bass and Lead guitars, to buy a new keyboard … Continue reading

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The video and audio editor

My hubby want to try on video and audio editing .He is the musical director of our church bands ( The Spectrum and Messiah band ). Though there are person In-charge for these tasks, the “jack-of-all trade “ in him … Continue reading

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