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The health benefits of Limes

I’ve read an article about the the research which shown that the ingredient in citrus limonoids, which is an element in citrus fruits such as limes, can fight cancers that attack the skin, lungs, stomach and mouth. If this research … Continue reading

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Teenager died after spending 48 hours in the computer!

Aside from the “Dark Night Rises “ Tragedy in Aurora,Colorado, USA, another news last night shocked everyone of us in the living room. It’s about a teenager who was found dead after playing online games for 48 hours! Whew! We … Continue reading

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Hospitalized due to Dengue Fever

I have been away from the blogosphere for three weeks. As much as I wanted to blog and update this post,  I can not do so. I just came out from the hospital  ans was confined for 5 days due … Continue reading

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Can African Mango be grown in the Philippines?

Can you beat this? An African fruit that gives you these health benefits: Naturally suppress hunger and lower cholesterol, improve metabolism and promote weight loss, stabilize and lower blood sugar. Wow! Simply amazing! Yes, they call it the “African Mango”. … Continue reading

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