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Wedding Anniversary Getaway

Me and my hubby will be celebrating our 18th wedding anniversary next month. As early as last week, we have been talking on how should we celebrate it. Last year, our wedding anniversary was a Holy Friday… so we celebrated … Continue reading

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Christmas Airline Seat Sale

Everybody was so busy for Christmas! Attending parties, going to reunions , gift-shopping and gift giving and a lot more holiday preparation. I thought of spending an hour yesterday to check my email knowing that airline will offer special Christmas  … Continue reading

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Diamond Ring for a Silver Wedding Anniversary?

Wow! black diamond engagement rings! That would be amazing! I really wonder if my hubby would consider buying me one of these during our Silver wedding anniversary. Yeah, it would still be nine years from today but it is not … Continue reading

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16th Wedding Anniversary Gift

It’s our wedding anniversary yesterday but there were no out-of-town vacation nor special dinner … Why? Because our day was fully-packed with appointments. I just arrived from Manila last flight on the day before our anniversary. My hubby too had … Continue reading

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32/365 BPC : Dahilayan Adventure Park

For the LOVE month, I will post   images     Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge that will express love and affection between me and my hubby, my kids, friends , pets and possessions ( opppss… do i still have possessions after … Continue reading

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