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The importance of packing efficiently and keeping a diary on your travels

If you are planning a year out, so you can travel the world and explore new and exciting places, then packing efficiently can be very difficult. It is not like packing for a summer holiday, this time you must prioritize what is most important and practical for your journey. This sometimes means leaving home luxuries behind, such as make-up or laptops. However, items such as a camera and a diary should be something you pack, because they help store some of your most precious memories.

Alternatively, why not keep an online diary, full of photos and comments about everything you’ve seen and done. This will help your memories live on and it makes a great read for other travelers who are about to embark on their adventure.

Writing a diary helps keep all the little details or your trip alive, you can write down all your thoughts and emotions, as well as uploading photos and captions. You might want to remember the time you saved up some money and spent a night in a nice accommodation, where you had a cozy bed, relaxed and played partypoker online and updated your Facebook. In addition, it helps other travelers see what places you have recommended, which places or sights to avoid and how to pack efficiently.

Packing can often be difficult, as countries have different weather climates. It is worth researching the weather of your destination before you pack so you only take the essentials. Trousers with zip off legs can be very useful, perfect for hot and cold weather. In addition, thin fleece jumpers keep you very warm, but are also lightweight and compact for packing.

For girls, packing efficiently can be very hard, especially since they will not have the opportunity to use home luxuries like straighteners and hair dryers. Luckily, portable straighteners run off batteries, which are perfect for traveling .

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